New NLO Project Shines a Spotlight on Chronic Illness Advocates

Voices - Molly's Fund

NewLifeOutlook has launched a new initiative designed to recognize those doing fantastic work advocating for people with chronic illnesses.

The Community Voices project will feature strong voices in the chronic illness community that stand out as pillars of strength and encouragement. They will be interviewed and their stories and wonderful work will be shared with NewLifeOutlook’s considerable audience.

The first person to be recognized as part of this project was Kelli Roseta, who is the client services coordinator at Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus.

Her recently published feature on NewLifeOutlook|Lupus promises to be the first of many more across NewLifeOutlook’s various communities.

Sharing community members’ stories has been important to NewLifeOutlook since its inception, but this project in particular serves to thank those who empower others.

“Our Community Voices project allows us to draw attention to individuals and groups who are strong advocates within their communities, and highlight the incredible work they do,” says NewLifeOutlook community manager Meaghan Coneybeare.

“We want to share their work with our audiences so we can build on these supportive communities.”

NewLifeOutlook community members are encouraged to nominate anyone they feel is doing outstanding work raising awareness and supporting those with chronic illnesses. These people may work for a big organization or run a popular blog, or they may simply be someone who consistently offers support via Twitter or tirelessly moderates a forum.

Nominations can be sent to

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