NewLifeOutlook Launches New Community for People Affected by Cancer

NewLifeOutlook Launches New Community for People Affected by Cancer

Today, NewLifeOutlook, known for providing chronic illness-specific information, and community support, launched a brand new online community for those affected by cancer.

Starting immediately, community members and the public will have full access to articles full of useful advice, educational materials, and resources about cancer-specific conditions in one place.

“At NewLifeOutlook, our goal is to offer practical advice, resources, and support to many people living with chronic conditions,” said Alyssa Winegarden, Community Manager of NewLifeOutlook. “We felt now was the time to launch another community after the success of our other 24 communities. During our planning and research phase, we noticed that there were numerous cancer-specific communities, but not one unified cancer community that focused on every type of cancer – this is where came to fruition. We wanted to bring all those affected by cancer – individuals, loved ones, and caregivers – together and give them the ability to connect.”

The new NewLifeOutlook cancer community will include:

  • Actionable advice regarding lifestyle, diet, and symptom management.
  • Regularly updated information related to symptoms, treatment, and cancer research.
  • A source of support for those affected by cancer.
  • A place for members to share their own or loved one’s experiences and stories about being newly-diagnosed with cancer, living with cancer, or in cancer remission.
  • Articles written by those affected by cancer, either directly (through a personal diagnosis), or indirectly (through a loved one’s diagnosis). Canada is delighted about empowering and raising awareness of those living with chronic conditions. The company will continue to find ways to provide a safe place for people to connect, exchange information, and share their experiences.

About NewLifeOutlook

NewLifeOutlook is a family of websites that focus on people living life with chronic illness — not on the illness itself. We strive to offer practical information to help people afflicted with chronic conditions better deal with everyday life post-diagnosis, and to connect with others who share their experiences.