NewLifeOutlook Reveals New Facebook Messenger Bot to the Bipolar Community

NewLifeOutlook Facebook Messenger Bot

NewLifeOutlook recently launched a Facebook messenger bot to its highly engaged community of those living with bipolar disorder.

Starting immediately, the NewLifeOutlook bipolar community will have access to NewLifeOutlook’s new Facebook Messenger bot.

With a collective community of over 115,000 on Facebook and the Facebook page receiving multiple messages per day asking for lifestyle advice, the messenger bot was created to help community members receive newly published practical, actionable articles and useful resources.

“At NewLifeOutlook, we’re committed to offering practical and actionable articles by our bipolar warriors for other bipolar warriors.” Said Alyssa Winegarden, Community Manager of NewLifeOutlook. “It’s important to us that we are staying innovative and helping our community. We are excited about our new Facebook Messenger bot and are eager to give our community members a simpler and easier way to find our articles.”

The community will have access to the Facebook Messenger bot 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

The features of the new Facebook Messenger bot include:

  • Community members of the Facebook Bipolar page can subscribe to new articles in various categories including but not limited to awareness, lifestyle, coping, and treatment.
  • Facebook fans can become further involved in the bipolar community by submitting their diagnosis story, becoming a contributor, signing up for the weekly NewLifeOutlook newsletter and providing feedback to the NewLifeOutlook team.
  • The messenger bot includes a list of resources including hotline numbers, organizations and outside help to those of the community who need it.

NewLifeOutlook Facebook Messenger Bot

The Facebook messenger bot is the first messenger bot developed by Canada. The company will continue to improve the 1.0 version bot based on the community’s feedback, and add future updates which includes having the option for users to submit search queries and be served results.

About NewLifeOutlook

NewLifeOutlook is a family of websites that focus on people living life with chronic illness — not on the illness itself. We strive to offer practical information to help people afflicted with chronic conditions better deal with everyday life post-diagnosis, and to connect with others who share their experiences.