NewLifeOutlook Expands With New Facebook Groups

NewLifeOutlook Expands With New Facebook Groups

Today, NewLifeOutlook has launched five more new private Facebook groups, where those living with a chronic condition can come ask questions, discuss treatment and symptoms, and receive the support they need from fellow chronic condition sufferers.

Since the initial launch of NewLifeOutlook’s private Facebook groups in February 2018, NewLifeOutlook’s groups have amassed over 5,500 members combined and continues to grow with an abundance of daily join requests.

“We are delighted to be able to open these new Facebook groups to our other chronic condition communities,” said Alyssa Winegarden, Community Manager of NewLifeOutlook. “Our previous private Facebook groups have done so well and we thought it was time to launch five more groups. Since the beginning, we have been watching these groups grow from the hundreds to the thousands and this shows that chronic condition sufferers want to talk about their condition and provide support to others within the community.”

Following the introduction of previous Facebook groups, the newest private groups which are now open to those living with chronic conditions are AFib, COPD, migraine, type 2 diabetes, and menopause.

Members of these new Facebook groups may:

  • Discuss and express experiences about their condition – from symptoms to treatments – with others in a safe environment.
  • Receive the chance to learn about their condition from members from a non-medical standpoint.
  • Gain a new support resource and network.

The launch of these new Facebook groups is the second installment of Canada’s plan of opening new private groups to those living with chronic conditions.

About NewLifeOutlook

NewLifeOutlook is a family of websites that focus on people living life with chronic illness — not on the illness itself. We strive to offer practical information to help people afflicted with chronic conditions better deal with everyday life post-diagnosis, and to connect with others who share their experiences.